Curt Bennett named one of America’s best professors

Dr. Curtis Bennett’s students describe him as energetic and enthusiastic, passionate, selfless, sincere, and patient. They often credit him not just for increased mathematical skills, but also for increased self-confidence. How does he get such good reviews?

Read more about Curt Bennett at Daily Edventures

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ORSP hosts Recognition Reception

The ORSP recently hosted the Annual Recognition Reception to celebrate the great work of the LMU community in submitted external grants. See the awardees here.

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Duplicate-grant case puts funders under pressure

Critics call for tighter checks to stop researchers being funded twice for the same work.
Read the article in Nature here

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National Science Foundation Steps Up Its Push for Interdisciplinary Research

For universities worried about securing federal research money at a time of tightening budgets, the National Science Foundation has a simple message: Collaborate.

Read the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education here.

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NIH temporarily bans new chimpanzee research

The National Institutes of Health has placed a temporary moratorium on new studies using chimpanzees, it announced Thursday in response to a report that marks nearly all medical research on the great apes as scientifically unjustified.

Read The Washington Post here

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California teachers lack the resources and time to teach science

A statewide survey and interviews with LAUSD elementary school teachers and administrators find that students are receiving little hands-on science instruction.

At some Los Angeles elementary schools, teachers have drastically cut time for science because of pressure to focus on reading and math. If they can incorporate science into class time, they say they mostly have to buy their own supplies.

Read the article in the LA Times

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NSF Announces New Funding Opportunity

Improvements in Facilities, Communications, and Equipment at Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories (FSML)
Biological Field Stations and Marine Laboratories (FSMLs) are off-campus facilities for research and education conducted in the natural habitats of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. FSMLs support environmental and basic biological research and education by preserving access to study areas and organisms, by providing facilities and equipment in close proximity to those study areas, and by fostering an atmosphere of mutual scientific interest and collaboration in research and education. To fulfill these roles, FSMLs must offer modern research and educational facilities, equipment, communications and data management systems for a broad array of users. In recognition of the importance of FSMLs in modern biology, NSF invites proposals that address these general goals of FSML improvement.

Learn more here

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LMU President Burcham Highlights Role of Research at Convocation

President David W. Burcham delivered his centennial convocation speech to the university community on October 13, 2011 at 12:15 p.m. in Sacred Heart Chapel.

See the convocation here

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GEAR UP Awards for 2011

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today announced the award of $ 177.4 million for 66 grants under Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) that will help some 275,000 at-risk students to prepare for college and receive the support they need to achieve success in postsecondary education.
Learn more here.

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Need Help with Your Manuscript?

I have just learned about an organization that helps foreign-langage scholars get their work published in American academic journals. They write:

American Journal Experts (AJE) has helped thousands of international researchers to eliminate language barriers and get their work published in the best journals in the world. Our editors are researchers themselves, so we understand the importance of publication and can help authors navigate the often-difficult publication process. We believe that we can accelerate the pace of discovery by helping researchers publish their work more quickly, and all of our services are crafted with that goal in mind.

Learn more here:

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